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Welcome to Project Tracker Pro
Project Management Software for Surveyors & Engineers
For our free videos and demo, visit and register your email in our downloads section.

Project Tracker Pro is a comprehensive project management solution, specialized for, but not limited to, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Firms. PTP is Packed with powerful project management tools to help you take control of your projects, organize your data, manage your files, and boost productivity.

  • All-in-One Field/Office Management Solution

  • Uniquely tailored to the needs of Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Firms

  • Network Friendly (PTP's Frontend-Backend Architecture is equally at home on a network or standalone PC.
    Data available at an instant on every desktop.)

  • Database-Integrated .NET Word Processor automates Contracts, Invoices   Correspondence & Project Specific Reports

  • Integrates with Microsoft MapPoint, displays projects, estimates & monuments geographically, interactively.

  • File Tracking with Bar-Code Scanning checks files in and out with the flick of a wand.   Missing Files Report lists all files not scanned.

  • Project Email with Auto-Tracking, Attachments, Message Scheduling

  • Project Image Viewer/Organizer with Zoom, Rotate & open default editor

From Start to Finish,
Project Tracker Pro Covers it All

  • Reception
  • Intake
  • Estimating
  • Call Backs
  • Correspondence
  • Contract Generator
  • Communications
  • Scheduling (with color-coded Project Status)
  • Work Instructions
  • Field Crew data logs
  • Document Control
  • Time Cards
  • Budget Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Billing & Collections
  • Payroll Reports
  • Financial Reports
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