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Have you ever walked through all the offices in your building searching for a project folder that no one will claim having?  Then once, or if, the folder is found that person claims they never pulled the folder for use.  Well this is just one scenario where PTP can help manage your document flow.  Through the use of barcode printing and scanning, every project file can be tagged and with the swipe of a scanner every folder can easily be tracked.  Even without a scanner every time a folder is checked in or out it can be stored in PTP.  This folder history provides critical data when trying to figure out by whom and when data was changed.  Barcodes for each project can be printed out from within PTP, and scanned using any scanner capable of reading Code39 bar-codes.

Beyond check-in/check-out functionality every file that relates to a project can be "attached" to the project. This minimizes the errors that are created between mixed documents and files. Below is a screenshot of the check-in/check-out history for a project.

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