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When it comes to scheduling many different factors need to be evaluated to create the most efficient and cost effective work day. It is hard gather all of these different factors when your data is mixed in multiple different places. When using PTP all that data is found in one place which gives you the power to create the most efficient schedule ever. Not only does the schedule have all the data in one place, but it allows everyone to look at the same schedule in different places. When using a white board to post a schedule either: multiple boards are needed or everyone has to walk to that one board to see what is planned. Both of these are error prone and time intensive, both of which PTP provides a solution for. Some features of the PTP scheduler are:
  • Color coded for easily visible project statuses. No longer will you send crews out when a project is not ready to go.
  • Instant access to the full project data behind every scheduled item.
  • Displays Over/Under budget status
  • Easily printable to an 8.5 x 11 inch paper.
  • View job notes & crew instructions while scheduling a job to make the most informed decision available.
  • Integrated Crew Members Schedule, tells you what crew members are working on each crew for any given day.

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