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"Project Tracker does exactly that, tracks jobs or projects. Where did I file that job? Have I performed previous jobs in that area? Who worked on that job and what did they do? How much time and effort have we devoted to that job and how much do I need to charge? Did I under estimate the last job, if so, by how much? Ask Project Tracker, it will tell you."

Aranda and Associates, Inc., Texas

"Our company was working off a privately made database and was simply outgrowing the system. In our search for a new system, an employee suggested the Project Tracker Pro to streamline our scheduling, billing and financial statements. We found that PTP allows our company to more specifically pull the information that we require to successfully manage our crews and engineers as well as make it easier to supply financial information to the principals in the company. We are now inputting information that will allow us to better forecast future projections as well as review our archived jobs for the year.

The support from Crones was timely and efficient, and Matthew was more than glad to help us when we were setting the program up for full time use. We are a growing company and look forward to PTP's ability to allow us the flexibility of growing and learning at the same time."

Lauralee Wilkins
Mendrop-Wages LLC, Mississippi

"We consider PTP to be a required tool forour civil/survey business. No other softwareprovides a complete package of office management utilitiesin one single program. With the added ability to plot our project locations into MS MapPoint it&'s like havingan instant project wide GIS at your disposal. Thanks for making our work a whole lot simpler."

Geoffrey Leiter, PE, PSM, V.P.
Leiter, Perez & Associates, Inc., Florida

"Project Tracker has saved me money and time. It used to be that I would spend days preparing invoices for one project, with Project Tracker, as long as the hours have been input, I can invoice, or check how much I am going to invoice, in seconds."

James Aranda, R.P.L.S
Aranda and Associates, Inc., Texas

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