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About Project Tracker Pro
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Our software business began with our own search for a comprehensive project management system for our land surveying business.

After an extensive analysis of existing project management programs, we discovered that there was no "all-in-one" program that fit our needs. Like many other companies we were using several programs to manage our data: one program for estimating, one for scheduling, one for contracts, one for billing, one for payroll, and a spreadsheet program for tracking field and office generated files and cross-references.

Using several programs required that we enter in the same information over and over in each program. This created a lot of extra work, wasted time, and increased the chance for errors. The only single place to find project information was in hard copy printouts in the ever-expanding file folders.

We had arrived at a crossroads. The way we saw it, we had two options:

  1. Learn to live with the inefficiency, uncertainty, and multiple opportunities for inaccuracy inherent in using multiple programs to track mission critical data, or...
  2. Design our own comprehensive land surveying project management system to unify our mission critical data, and streamline our operations.

We took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference. Specifically, it has made us spend thousands of hours, and a medium-sized fortune, designing, developing, testing, fixing, tweaking, customizing, and upgrading Project Tracker Pro, and then re-evaluating, re-designing, re-testing, etc. The first version was a visual basic Borland database program that was slow and expensive to maintain and network. In 2001 Project Tracker Pro was completely updated on a Microsoft Access© platform. Future plans include a complete redesign to an SQL-Server & MS.NET environment for greater scalability, and field-office integration.

At long last, after several years, and hundreds of iterations of the software design, development, and testing cycle, Project Tracker Pro is a comprehensive, flexible, powerful multi-user system that is tried and tested, reliable and stable. Now as I walk through the office I see Project Tracker Pro running on every computer, from Reception and Intake to Project and Crew Managers, from Designers and Drafters to Researchers and Estimators, from Billing and Payroll to Field Crews and Scheduling. Every one either has it up on their computer working in it or it is minimized, ready to pop it up to find or input project-related data. We have over 8,000 projects with scores of data fields running on up to 20 computers and sharing the data in real time. Project Tracker Pro is fast, reliable and handles it all. The number of projects and workstations is only limited by the size and speed of your network and computers.

Our in-house team of designers and developers continues to improve, enhance and update Project Tracker Pro. Intermediate updates are provided free of charge on our website. Support is also free for the first year.

At this time Project Tracker Pro does not do accounting such as payroll taxes, paying bills, printing checks, income taxes etc., we will save some of these for a later release. Project Tracker Pro does print out reports for delivery to your accountant for payroll and checking.

Our latest release, Project Tracker Pro Version 4.00, is the result of a decade of planning, development, and testing within our own surveying business, and among our small but rapidly growing customer base. It includes two new features that we have found extremely useful:

  • A graphical mapping feature (integrated with Microsoft MapPoint© 2004) that allows you to view projects on an interactive map and quickly find any files that might be relevant to a current project or estimate. In our own practice, this has streamlined our estimating and improved our competitiveness by saving countless hours duplicating research.
  • A barcode scanner compatible Check-In / Check-Out system that provides instant information about which documents are checked-out to whom, which have been checked-back in, and which are missing.

We believe you will find Project Tracker Pro to be a powerful and essential tool for managing the business side of your surveying and engineering business. I hope you will join the growing community of land surveying and engineering professionals who count on Project Tracker Pro every day.

We also hope that you will help us to continually improve Project Tracker Pro by giving us feedback about how it works for you, and what you think can be added or modified.

James D. Crones
Crones & Associates, Inc.

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